Welcome to Toxteth.com. Toxteth (AKA Liverpool 8 / the southend) is were I was born and grew up, I am old enought to have lived through the tremendous "happenings" of the late 50's and early to mid 60's, when Englands musical culture was forever changed by many people who came from Liverpool. To say that parts of this history have been "unreported" would be an understatement. The musicians and characters that fueled the development of this "revolution" are well documented, but, what isn't that well documented is the contributions of Toxteth's "Black" community into this outpouring of musical change. Here, I have tried to document as much as possible the people and musicicans who also played their part, and deserve to be heard.

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A flight along the axis Princes Rd/Avenue - Granby St - Parliament St/Gambier Terrace from Google studio