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The Chants: Discography


I Don’t Care/Come Go With Me. Pye 7N 15557. 1963.
I Could Write A Book/A Thousand Stars. Pye 7N 15591. 1964.
She’s Mine/Then I’ll Be Home. Pye 7N 15643. 1964.
Sweet Was The Wine/One Star. Pye 7N 15643. 1964.
Come Back And Get This Loving Baby/Lovelight. Fontana TF 715. 1967.
A Love’s Story/Wearing A Smile. Decca F 12650. 1967.
Ain’t Nobody Home/For You. Page One POF 016. 1967.
A Man Without A Face/Baby I Don’t Need Your Love. RCA RCA 1754. 1968.
I Get The Sweetest Feeling/Candy. RCA RCA 1823. 1969.

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chants 2From The Daily Mirror: Thursday September 12 1963

chantsFrom The Daily Mirror Thursday May 25 1964