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An early version of the Dambala line up (circa mid 1976) consisting of L/R Alvin Christie(guitar), Drums (can't remember his name?), Gus Anyia (lead guitar), Dave Turner (Bass), onstage at Brixton Library. It was this line up that recorded what can be considered as the first Dambala track "Only A Matter Of Time"(very different from any of the groups later releases). It was never released as a Dambala track, but I think it was on the "B" side of someone else's record, I seem to recall that the group was called "The Bumpers" (Mike D'Abo & Mike Smith) by the record label, which if I remember correctly was Cube records.

On the same bill were Matumbi, Merger and The Walker Family whom Dambala acted as backing group for.

The Walker Family - led by Larrington "Larry" Walker, far right - onstage with Dambala at Brixton Library. The Walker Family released one single "Happy Endings/Think It Over" on the Contempo lable in 1975. Dambala played on an early version of the song but not on the release.