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Dambala : (L-R) Augustus(Gus) Anyia(leadGit/vocals), Mark St Louis(Bass/vocals), Horace McKenzie(Perc), Kelvin Lovell(Drums), Alvin Christie(Guitar/vocals), Thomas Caddette(Keyboards/vocals). (click here to listen to music)


Dambala discography:

Dambala - "Zimbabwe" / "Visions of War" 12" Disco Music Hive Records MHD001 Produced by Jimmy (Easy)Lindsay
Exodus/Dambala - "An 'Ting" Produced by Dambala
Dambala - "Rebel" / "Militant Dub" 12 Disco Isis Records ISIS001 Produced by Dambala
Jimmy Lindsay (featuring Dambala) “Aint No Sunshine” 12” Music Hive Records
Dambala – “Black On Black” Theme music for Channel 4 documentary



"Dambala" was formed by Alvin Christie and Gus Anyia in the late summer of 1977 in the West Hampstead area of London. The two had been introduced by a common aquiantance in the Walterton Rd district. After many months of searching and personnel changes the final line up was arrived at in late 1977. this line up held together until the early eighties. The band toured Europe several times and were extremely popular in Holland. The bands first single "Zimbabwe" (12") reached No4 in the Black Echoes and Jazz Review 12" charts, and the band were also voted "Best British Newcomers" by the same magazines readers. "Zimbabwe" was voiced and produced by "Jimmy (Easy)" Lindsay, who, fresh from his No1 success with "Easy" needed a backing group to tour with, so a partnership was formed. Dambala also backed Jimmy for his next release "Aint no Sunshine". The group also wrote and appeared in the opening credits of a TV series entitled "Black On Black" for Channel 4 before disbanding in the early 80's.

Dambala article from "Black Echoes and Jazz Review.pdf"

Interview with Horace McKenzie.pdf


Inner Force: (L-R) Alvin Christie(Guitar/vocals), Kelvin Lovell(Drums), Mark St Louis(Bass/vocals), Stephan Lewry(Lead guitar/vocals), Thomas Caddette(Keyboards/vocals). (click here to listen to music)

Inner Force discography:

Inner Force - Holiday/Am I wasting My Time: Music International Records.

Inner Force "I (Who Have Cried)" (unreleased)


"Inner Force" was formed as a result of the break up of Dambala. With the addition of "Stephy Sharpstrings" who untill then had been guitarist with "Here And Now". The band now had a different sound as you can hear when you listen to some tracks. The band continued to be "Reggae" based but with a slightly different direction. The band had a manager who got them a lot of gigs on the college circuit, while Stephys' contacts in the festival world would prove to be very helpfull. The band signed a recording deal with St Johns Wood based "Music International Records" run by David Mintz (ex manager of the Average White Band), which resulted in the single "Holiday/Am I wasting My Time".