Welcome to the hompage of Toxteth (alias Alvin Christie)...I hope that you may find something of interest among it's pages, So check back here from time to time and you will find things have been added. Right now you can begin with my music pages by clicking the music button in the menu above...:-)

I eventually intend to write about all things that have-in one way or another-had some influence on me or my musical career, or that were of some interest to what was happening in my life at any given time, you can see by the menu's above the kind of topics that will indeed be addressed.

"Toxteth" is my musical vehicle, and so, is subject to my whims, and I may do with it whatever I choose, be that Reggae, House, Trance or an amalgamation of all three...:-)...it's also the name of the district in Liverpool were I was born and grew up. It's also the birth place of what came to be known as "Merseybeat" although some would deny that, I know better.

One thing you can be certain of is that, above all, most things on this site will be music related in one form or another...













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