Pelham Towers Baptist Church Bedford St Hope hall Corn St St nathaniels George sq eversley st gwydir St Elwy St Grafton St Synagogue Park way 3 Park Way 4 Wordsworth St Wah house lodge lane Lodge lane Baths Lodge lane library Granby St 5 Blackie Park place Windsor st Park Lake Sefton Park School little catherine st catherine st Gibson/Carter St Selborne St junction Stanley House Granby St 3 13 selborne st Granby street near Parliament st Granby Street. 1968 22 Berkely St 2 Rialto 1955 Falkner St Blackburn House Granby St 2 Granby Street No`s 23-29, 1968 Granby St School Princess Cinema 2
Granby St 4 Corner of Selborne and Granby Selborne st_from after Granby Mornington terrace upper duke street 1950s Rice St Selborne St (long) Upper parliament St Beaconsfield st Roller Rink
roller rink Canning St Gambier Terrace Canning St 2 All Nations/Lucky Bar Princess Avenue Princess Boulevard Montpelier Terrace Granby St 6
Granby St 1 Princess Cinema1 Selborne St 2 Parkway/Selborne St Post office Stanhope St Catherine St corner Rialto cinema Rialto 1974 Berkely St Womans hospital parliament st and Kingsley Rd Harrowby st 2 Gwent St Princess rd and Greek Anglican Cathedral from Upper Duke Street. Palm Cove nifghtclub Lanfdon and Sons Knight st 1965 Rope works workhouse Chidrens infirmary St James Rd Park Lane and Great George St. St Johns Auxiliary Hospital and Children's Playground, Myrtle Street Tiber street school St Philip  Neri The Royal Park Hotel on the corner of Admiral St and North Hill St. Built in the 1860's. Cathedral Nelson St Upper Hope Place The Samaritan's hospital for women. Upper Parliament st. 1920's. Asbridge st Madryn St from High Park St. 1969. Lodge Lane Liverpool Methodist Church Lodge Lane. 1957. Myrtle st towards Leece St Princes Road. 1968. St Bride st. 1966. Old Royal Southern Hospital Dickens Street Liverpool 8, 1911 Parliament Place 1966 Upper Stanhope st 1969 Granby Street. 1968 Admiral Grove, 1964. Princess Avenue 3 Lodge Lane, top of Aspen Grove looking towards Tunnel Rd, 1940's. Granby St and Rosebery St. Voelas st in 1911 St Clements Alfred St St. Philemon's Church Northumberland Street 1913 Princes Avenue Falkner street Claribel st 1969 Corn St 2 South street Falkner St Normanby St towards Almond St  Lodge Lane, between Yanworth Street and River Avon Street Blackburne Place from Hope Street, 1966 North hill st at Hadges Mount Kingslet Rd at Ponsomby Twiss street St Bernard's school and church, Kingsley Road Junction of Rathbone St and Washington Street. Harrowby st 3